Kathy Loidolt Realtor

Let's Cut To The Chase, Kathy Loidolt Is Your Future and Favorite Realtor. Here's Why -

Not everyone understands true generosity. The kind that’s backed by empathy, kindness, and integrity. Enter: Kathy. With seemingly boundless energy, she chooses to bring others joy. And she found her second calling when she became a realtor, finding the perfect homes for people like you. Being Kathy’s client means you are one of her own. She’ll go to work trimming your trees, helping to stage your house, buying moving boxes, hauling items to goodwill, even baking cookies for you on closing day.

Kathy’s not just a kind heart and a go-get-’em attitude. She’s been a part of the Colorado Springs community since 1984, flipping, designing, and building homes, and moving eleven times! She understands the market and what it takes to buy and sell a house, having sold over 240 houses since 2016!

Put Kathy’s knowledge and enthusiasm to work for you. Let her get you into the home you deserve - the one you’re dreaming of!


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Updated: 11/27/2021